Design for an EdTech platform aimed at Higher-Ed students

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Stuworx is a comprehensive learning & skill development platform focused on enhancing the employability of higher education students.

I was hired to help the extremely competent engineering team with the implementaiton of a scalable design system for web and mobile.

Since the team had already worked extensively on developing the product using Angular Material, I had to employ a more collaborative approach -


Define product and growth goals with data-driven inferences


Review current design against defined requirements


Create rudimentary mockups to deliberate over functions


List development goals, action points and timelines


Branding Process

We started the design process with a branding exercise that set a structure for the interface design going forward.


Curated homepage

A curated feed with questions, posts and course related information on the homepage.

Home Page

Learning & Assessment

A comprehensive learning management and assessment module with Rich Media and Online IDE support

Courses and Assessments

Student Profiles

Activity based profile for easy sharing with recruiters

Student Profiles

Progressive Web App

Stuworx is built as a Progressive Web App and is hence reliable, fast and engaging, on desktop and mobile

Desktop & Mobile

Note — The mockups contain placeholder data and the number of screens is not exhaustive

Stuworx is currently is being used by students from 2 colleges as part of the beta program. Please visit the Official Site to check it out.